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Honeywell Fine Chemicals

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Honeywell Fine Chemicals

Honeywell Fine Chemicals is a well-known global manufacturers of pharmaceutical and agrochemical intermediates, photodyes and fluorine-based products.

Honeywell Fine Chemicals incorporates chemistry ranging from simple molecules to highly advanced pharmaceutical, agrochemical and fluorochemical intermediates.

Honeywell Fine Chemicals business is part of Honeywell’s Specialty Materials business, a world-renowned leader in the development and supply of specialty and fine chemical products for many years.

Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Honeywell Fine Chemicals provides building blocks for a wide range of pharmaceutical and agrochemical applications. Core technologies and chemistries include organometallic chemistry, fluorination, oximation and bromination. Finished products range from simple molecules to complex advanced intermediates.


Honeywell´s Fine Chemicals product offering includes PINA® photo dyes – products that are fully integrated in today's film industry and enable multi-layer functions in film materials. Special sensitizers provide light sensitivity in the desired color. Stabilizing photo dyes ensure lasting storage properties of the image materials. Infrared dyes make it possible to use computer data directly.

Manufacturing resources

Throughout its global facilities, Honeywell implements a stringent approach to quality through ISO 9001 certification, Six Sigma Plus, current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), the Responsible Care® initiative and product stewardship programs.