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Hongene Biotechnology Limited

Country: China

Hongene Biotechnology Limited
Suite 709, Building 6,
No. 333 Gui Ping Road
Shanghai, China, 200233
Hongene Biotechnology Limited is a Chinese company to develop and supply a series of nucleosides and nucleotides–based life science research and molecular biology products.

We focus on a wide range of nucleosides and nucleotides products. Currently,we strongly recommend our dNTP, dNMP and modified nucleosides and nucleotides (BrdU, IdU, 3'-Azido-2',3'-dideoxyadenosine, etc.). Additionally, our molecular biology products still include enzymes for PCR, Human total RNA, mRNA and Northern Blots.

The company’s success is due, at first, to a strong emphasis on manufacturing and quality control excellence. Secondly our so competitive prices may reduce your necessary costs. Our goal is trying to satisfy your specialized needs with a wide collection of the high quality products of nucleosides and nucleotides. So we never stop researching and developing new products. Based on our high quality, competitive prices and developing capacity, we all esteem to be your long-term partner whatever of our featured products or your future needs.

Please contact us and find out how Hongene can help with your research and business and contribute to your success.