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Intatrade Chemicals GmbH

ContactTatjana Schulz
Phone+49 3493/605464
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Country: Germany

Intatrade Chemicals GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 1
06774 Muldestausee, Germany

Company Profile

Intatrade Chemicals GmbH (Germany) former Intatrade ltd is already well known for many customers worldwide.

Our product list contains Boronic Acids, Borate, Liquid Crystals, Fluoro Compounds, Dyes, Fine Chemicals, Intermediates, Chiral Compounds, API's, Quinoline, Pyridine-derivates, Ketones, Adamantane, Coumarine derivates and other. More than 70% of all our products are exported from Russian sources.

Intatrade is focused on the development of new methods of chemical synthesis and in creation of new organic, organometallic and nonorganic substances for micro and nano-electronics, optic electronics, and catalysts of fine organic synthesis

The most noteworthy is our production of organometallics of the transition metals which are used as the source materials in fine synthesis; production of metal and metalcarbide covers in microelectronics, catalysts and bioactive compounds, and in particular production of methylgermans, used for manufacture of stimulators of plant growth, as well as medical and bioactive substances.

We are considering new research projects of the water-soluble phosphines chemistry which can be used as catalysts of polymerization in aqueous media; another new project the different derivatives of calcium, strontium, tungsten, zirconium and tantalum which can be applied for MCVD.