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PharmaZell GmbH

ContactMr. Stephan Bregy
VP Sales & Marketing
Phone+49 8035 88 154
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Country: Germany

PharmaZell GmbH
Rosenheimer Str. 43
D- 83064 Germany
PharmaZell offers Generic Active Ingredients (APIs, Generic Drug Substance) with DMFs and/or CEPs; route development, scale-up and production of proprietary advanced intermediates & APIs (Custom Synthesis); and the formulation development of solid oral dosage forms with documentation in CDT format (Finished Dosage Form Development, Drug Product Development). PharmaZell operates cGMP sites in Germany, India, Italy and Switzerland that are inspected by European authorities and the FDA.
PharmaZell supports a wide range of organic chemistries with technical expertise in areas such as electrochemistry, biocatalysis, steroid chemistry and containment of high-potency APIs. For more details please visit our website.