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Rieke Metals, LLC

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Rieke Metals, LLC
1001 Kingbird Road
Lincoln, NE 68521
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Rieke Metals Inc. (RMI) began in 1991 with its foundation in over 40 years of active metal research. Today the company sells active Rieke Zinc and Magnesium, Grignard and Organozinc reagents, fine organic chemicals and organic semi-conducting polymers/monomers including P3HT and water soluble polymers. Headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska, the facility personally manufactures over 10,000 research compounds and more than 350 thousand molecules under research contract. Rieke Metals offers a unique line of fine organic chemicals for drug discovery and among these fine organic chemicals are a large number of heterocyclic compounds. Rieke Metals supplies research to commercial quantities, ensuring high quality and service every step of the way.