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Siegfried AG
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Finished oral dosage forms;
Controlled substances; APIs, intermediates

Siegfried USA, LLC.
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Controlled substances; APIs, intermediates

Siegfried (Nantong)
Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd.
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Nantong City, Jiangsu Province
P.R.C (post code: 226017)
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APIs, intermediates

Siegfried Malta Ltd
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Finished oral dosage forms

Siegfried Irvine
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Sterile and aseptic filling

Siegfried Hameln
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Sterile and aseptic filling

Siegfried Evionnaz SA
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1902 Evionnaz
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API, Intermediates

Siegfried PharmaChemikalien
Minden GmbH
Karlstrasse 15
32423 Minden
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APIs, intermediates

Siegfried St. Vulbas SAS
Parc Industriel
De la Plaine de I’Ain
530 Allee de la Luye
01150 Saint Vulbas
Tel: +33 4 74 46 21 90

APIs, intermediates
Expect more with Siegfried as your preferred partner. Siegfried provides both drug substance and drug product development together with production capabilities at various facilities worldwide. As a partner of Siegfried, you profit from a broad range of technical capabilities and capacities along the Value-chain. Creating and manufacturing formulations is our passion. You can expect from Siegfried relevant expertise & knowhow at each step of your project, coupled with a keen enthusiasm.

Drug Substances: Custom development and Contract Manufacturing services for both API and intermediates; we offer our own portfolio of APIs (opiates and other controlled substances) as well as dossiers with independent patented technologies.

Drug Products: Our clients benefit from a broad base of know-how in complex oral drug delivery systems including sterile filling, with in-house development, customer development and manufacturing, as well as a portfolio of finished dosage form products.

Chemical processes and formulations is our passion. For custom synthesis, we offer a variety of special technologies, e.g. CTF, hydrogenation, azide chemistry and phosgenation, high pressure reactions and handling halogens (CI/Br/I). We work closely with customers to develop and optimize innovative chemical processes. Also, we have high containment capabilities with complex bridging technologies such as spray drying, which add more benefit and value to our customers. In addition, proprietary portfolios of drugs are available for licensing and nonexclusive sales that focus on opiate base and addiction treatment.

Siegfried also offers complex oral drug delivery systems with in-house developments for licensing. Projects range from formulation, narcotics, high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients, robust manufacturing processes and application of new technologies. Additionally, we are well experienced in developing second and third generation formulations to support product life-cycle management.

Siegfried has worldwide presence with chemical manufacturing multipurpose cGMP sites located in Zofingen, Switzerland, Pennsville, New Jersey USA; Nantong, China; Minden Germany, Saint-Vulbas France, and Evionnaz Switzerland; and with also drug product manufacturing sites in Zofingen, Switzerland (Pilot); Malta, Irvine USA and Hameln, Germany. Compliance is a top priority at Siegfried. We adhere to the most rigorous requirements and quality guidelines possible; thus, we continue to maintain an outstanding track record by both regulatory authorities and our customers.