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SOLVAY Fluorides, LLC
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Inorganic Fluorides

Solvay Fluorides, LLC is the world's leading supplier of NOCOLOK® aluminum brazing flux, with manufacturing sites worldwide. We have more than 20 years in the business of serving the global aluminum brazing industry, and can educate your manufacturing and process engineers with the product and the know-how to braze the next generation of high efficiency HVAC condensers.

As a Solvay Fluorides customer, you not only get the product you need, you get free consulting services! As part of our customer package, you’ll receive free consulting with our technical staff of chemists, metallurgists and manufacturing engineers. We can help make the change happen! Let the technical experts at Solvay Fluorides help with:

  • Aluminum brazing
  • Braze training
  • Production start-up
  • Capital equipment suppliers
  • Aluminum suppliers

Organic and Specialty Fluorides

The use of organic fluorinated intermediates has grown significantly, to become a key area in industry and for society as a whole. Solvay Fluorides, LLC and its affiliates have focused on business activities involving organic fluorine specialties, which are now being offered as the Solvay Fluororganics portfolio of products, and are better aligned with the broad field of fluororganic chemistry. Within this framework, Solvay Fluor and Solvay Fluorides, LLC are ready to respond to a rapidly expanding market with diverse needs for new compounds, primarily in the pharmaceutical and agrochemicals sectors.

Our long experience and capability in fluorine chemistry enables us to provide our customers with excellent products based on efficient production processes. Innovation, together with a strong commitment to service, is our blueprint.


The rapidly growing world population means that highly efficient plant protection products have become crucial. More than 50% of agrochemicals recently developed contain fluorine because of its efficiency- increasing attributes for fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

Solvay Fluorides offers the quality products needed for innovative, cost-effective production lines to meet the business challenges which the agrochemical industry faces.

In addition to the commercialized aliphatic fluorinated products we already provide on a large scale, we can develop new molecules to meet your specific needs.

Solvents and Catalysts

Fluorinated acids and alcohols and ketones, have excellent solvent properties. These compounds are used as solvents in chemical reactions, effluents in chromatographic separations, and as solvents in polymer applications. Fluorinated alcohols and ketones are applicable as ligands in catalysts; fluorinated acids combine solvent properties with acidic catalyst functions.


A growing number of blockbuster drugs contain fluorine atoms because they increase bio-activity of the API. Fluorine can be found in varying medicinal treatments such as

  • Analgesics
  • Anesthetics
  • Antibiotics
  • Anticancer agents
  • Antifungals
  • Antiviral drugs
  • Anti-HIV treatments

Electronic and Coating Additives

Solvay Fluorides’ aliphatic fluorinated building blocks can be used for a variety of applications such as electronic conducting materials, photovoltaics, and also as coating materials for flat panel displays, touch screens and fingerprint scanners.

Products and Services

We offer a broad range of aliphatic fluorinated specialties such as CF3 and CF2 molecules. One of our latest innovations is ETFBO. This product is a good example of a highly reactive molecule that we now produce on a commercial scale. A set of production lines and a dedicated team with long experience in fluorine chemistry enable us to respond flexibly to our customers’ changing needs. Our agrochemical and pharmaceutical customers in particular benefit from this flexibility, as they often produce active ingredients in batches only once or twice a year.

Starting from compounds in our existing product range, we can often synthesize and scale up the molecule to meet your particular needs. Our service covers all phases of the development process. From the selection of the most cost-effective synthesis route through to the full set of necessary registrations, we will work closely with you.

  • Fluorinated acid chlorides
  • Fluorinated acids
  • Fluorinated alcohols
  • Fluorinated alkanes
  • Fluorinated amides
  • Fluorinated amines
  • Fluorinated anhydrides
  • Fluorinated esters and acetoacetates
  • Fluorinated ketones
  • Chiral fluorinated building blocks
  • Fluorinated heterocycles

Developing New Molecules

We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing aliphatic fluorinated compounds and derivatives. Developing new molecules based on TFAC and other compounds in our product range is one of our key strengths. Our development process aims at achieving the ideal synthesis route and production process - efficient and cost-effective. Our services include delivery of a first sample as well as trials at our pilot plant and ensure flexible and safe delivery. We help you speed up your development and save valuable time-to-market.


Solvay Fluorides has been among the market leaders in fluorine chemistry for many years. Our R&D teams possess extensive expertise in developing new fluorinated building blocks and intermediates. We can handle all steps of the development process, starting from selection of a synthesis route and first sample preparation, through scale-up of a cost-effective manufacturing process. We offer you highly flexible development processes.


Sophisticated fluorination technologies such as F2 fluorinations, C=O to CF2 transformations as well as C –OH to C-F transformations are leading-edge technologies we have mastered. We have expertise in gas and liquid phase fluorination. Our technology range comprises chlorination, bromination, esterification, amidation, amination, decarboxylation, reduction and dehalogenation.