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SynphaBase AG

ContactDr. Arthur Bodenmüller
Phone+41 61 827 79 00
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Country: Switzerland

SynphaBase AG
Gueterstr. 82
CH-4133 Pratteln
SynphaBase is a well established contract research and development company specialized in Organic and Medicinal Chemistry as well as Process R&D services for the life sciences and chemical industry. Our broad and integrated portfolio of Organic and Medicinal Chemistry as well as Process R&D services spans the areas of exclusive synthetic and process chemistry services under non-GMP and cGMP. We support and speed up research and development programs from discovery chemistry to manufacturing of intermediates and APIs for our customers. We have the equipment and knowledge to carry out complex organic reactions ranging from milligram to 50 kilogram scale.

Business areas:

Catalogue products

  • Rare and special compounds (heterocycles, aromatic compounds, amino acids and peptides, nucleosides, chiral alcohols)
  • Please inquire if you need similar compounds that are not listed here or different quantities

Carbohydrates and Bioconjugates

  • Synthesis of monosaccharides and derived structures suitable as building blocks
  • Synthesis of complex oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates
  • Design of efficient routes and protecting group strategies

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Services

  • General synthesis of all organic compounds useful for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Synthesis of special metabolites and impurities
  • Synthesis and analysis of challenging stereoselective compounds
  • Chemical and enzymatic separation of racemic mixtures

Process R&D Services

  • Our main focus in this area lies in process optimization of existing routes in order to supply intermediates and APIs for preclinical and clinical phase I.