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TETRA Technologies, Inc.

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Country: USA

24955 Interstate 45 North
The Woodlands, Texas, USA 77380
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Calcium Chloride
Kent Brown

Tel: 281.364.5042
Fax: 281.298.7150

Agricultural Calcium Chloride
Kent Brown

Tel: 281-364-5042
Fax: 281-298-7150

Kent Brown

Fax: 281.298.7150

Bromine & Bromides
Geri McQueen

Tel: 281.364.2247
Fax: 281.298.7150
TETRA Technologies, Inc.
Your Source for High Quality Calcium Chloride and Bromides

Calcium Chloride: With our proprietary manufacturing process, TETRA provides the highest quality calcium chloride products available in North America. We are the only manufacturer using food grade quality hydrochloric acid and high purity limestone as raw materials to produce our calcium chloride. This results in calcium chloride with very low impurity levels.

Dry Calcium Chloride: TETRA's Dry Calcium Chloride product offering features high quality flake and pellet. Our line includes Feed, Technical and Briners Grade. TETRA also produces a 77 % Flake in road, technical, and food grades at our Kokkola, Finland facility.

Liquid Calcium Chloride: In the USA, TETRA is uniquely positioned to provide your Liquid Calcium Chloride requirements from one or more of our six manufacturing plants and 15 terminal locations. In addition, TETRA has an extensive network of barges and rail cars to move calcium chloride to your desired destination. TETRA's liquid calcium chloride is available in a variety of concentrations and grades including Food Grade and NSF certified. In Europe, TETRA offers liquid calcium chloride from 3 plants and 4 terminals.

Bromine & Bromides: TETRA manufactures and markets specialty bromine chemicals that meet a wide variety of needs, including: microbiological control, bromine donation, and oil & gas well drilling and completion fluids. Our products include zinc bromide solution, zinc/calcium bromide solutions, calcium bromide solution, sodium bromide solution, biocides and other bromine derivatives.