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Technical Industries Inc.

ContactEric Rose
Country: USA

217 Church St.
PO Box 65
Peace Dale, RI 02883-0065
Technical Industries (TI) manufactures aqueous dispersions and emulsions for the adhesive, paper and rubber industries. Since its inception in 1954, the company has focused solely on formulating and producing standard and custom water-based chemicals that add value to a wide range of end products – from non-oxidizing photographic papers to latex surgical gloves.

TI products include:

  • Antioxidants

  • Colors

  • Curatives

  • Accelerators

  • Thickening and dispersing agents

  • Carbon blacks

  • Titanium dioxides

  • Many specialty chemicals

  • Rubber Chemicals

  • toll manufacturing

    TI’s water-based solutions are manufactured at a modern facility equipped with high-capacity, precision grinding mills that deliver uniform particle size. TI is ISO 9001 certified, assuring customers of strict quality control from product design through delivery. The result is products that meet customer specifications for solids concentration, viscosity and pH.

    TI’s environmentally benign chemicals provide better, more consistent performance than solvent-based powder additives. They mix readily with compounds, eliminate airborne dust problems, empty completely from containers and can be custom blended in multi-chemical, ready-to-use formulations.

    Technical Industries’ comprehensive solution of formulation and manufacturing expertise, top-performing chemicals, competitive pricing and on-time delivery provides companies large and small with clear business advantage. That’s why Technical Industries is the first-choice supplier for aqueous dispersions and emulsions.