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Volant-Chem Corp.

Country: China

Volant-Chem Corp.
1109, No. 2 Suzhou Road,
Tianjin 300203, China
Volant-Chem, ISO9001:2000 certified, is dedicated in manufacturing of fine chemical and intermediates. With the biggest capacity for sulfo products in China (6000MT per year), and thousands of tons capacity for fatty amines, fatty tertiary amine and quats, we export more than 80% of our products to Europe and USA. With Flexibile production facilities for different product lines, we provide flexible batch size and specifications as per customer's requests. With our professional team in production, R&D, marketing and logestic service, we serve our customers with up-to-date technological and market information, agile price strategy and door-to-door delivery service to any customer in any country.