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Wacker Chemical Corporation
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WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, a division of WACKER, is a global technology leader in fine chemicals and biotechnology. Production sites in Europe and the United States, extensive R&D expertise, technology centers and a global distribution network provide complete customer support.

With several research labs and pilot plants, WACKER is well equipped to translate new developments from the laboratory to commercial production. Our plants are ISO 9001/14001 certified.

WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS' biotech activites focus on the production and marketing of new bio-technological products developed by WACKER's basic research. The first activities in this line are products based on cyclodextrins and the amino acid cysteine.

WACKER is the world's leading producer of cyclodextrin products, including parent (natural) cyclodextrins, cyclodextrin derivatives and inclusion complexes (encapsulated products). Production plants are located in Eddyville, IA, USA and Burghausen, Germany. With Application Laboratories, located in Adrian, MI USA and Burghausen, Germany, we can help you use cyclodextrins to develop new or improved products.

WACKER's cysteine products are produced using a novel fermentation process. The process is based on a bacterial strain which has been 'metabolically designed' to synthesize L-Cysteine from dextrose and is the only process to use renewable resources of non-human or non-animal origin.