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Watson Industries, Inc.

Country: USA

Watson Industries, Inc.
106 Exchange Place
Pomona, CA 91768
Watson Industries, Inc. is a leading importer and distributor of nutritional raw materials from Europe and China as well as those from the United States.

Quality Nutritional Products

We obtain the finest quality nutritional raw materials from the best domestic and global sources. Site auditing in China and extensive lab testing are utilized to keep our suppliers' and our own standards high. Watson Industries lends it support for quality in the industry through internal GMP and education and externally through support of NNFA and other outside research.

On-Time Delivery

We know that without timely delivery the best price and quality would mean very little. At Watson Industries we strive to have each sale of product or service delivered on time, every time.


We do more than provide the best quality nutritional raw material products on time. We also provide everything from bulk capsules to ready-for-sale products. Formulations, consulting and other services are also available upon request.

Watson Industries affiliation with quality contractors provides additional services in the packaging area including hardshell encapsulation, blister packaginng, powder filling, bottle filling, soft gels, tablet pressing, liquid fills and assembly.

Great Pricing

Watson Industries understands that everyone needs to be competitive and profitable. We also take the long view toward business partnerships. As a result, you will find our pricing is structured to achieve your profitability and desire us as your bulk nutritional supplier.

The Future

Growth in every aspect of Watson Industries' future looks bright. More nutritional raw materials, new products, additional services and new sources are being added continuously. We invite you to call us or use our Contact Page so we can talk about your future.