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RSA Corporation

ContactJan S. Anthony, Plant Manager
Arno Steinig, Lab Director
Country: USA

36 Old Sherman Turnpike
Danbury, CT 06810
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Company Profile

R.S.A. Corporation custom manufactures organic chemicals, reagents and active pharmaceutical ingredients on a bench to semi-works scale. We also work with our customers on process development in the lab and scale up from batch to plant scale. We have worked on many hundreds of reaction types, which gives us a broad range of hands-on experience.

We have a complete line of glass-lined reactors and accessories up to 1000 gallon size. The pressure ranges we offer are full vacuum to 750 psi. The normal temperature range is zero to 250ºC. Our production facility and labs are FDA inspected and our operations are conducted under cGMP and GLP guidelines. Our hallmark is flexibility and diversity.