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Beijing SHLHT Chemical Technology(Beijing SHLHT) & SHLHT GROUP CO.,LIMITED(SHLHT GROUP) founded in 1998 & 2011 respectively, are affiliated companies of the Greatwall Biochemical Engineering Co., Ltd(the Greatwall Biochem). They represent and serve the Greatwall Biochem in different areas:

Beijing SHLHT has a good location in Beijing that makes it as an Open Window toward outside world. The good & massive connections with biological institutes & universities, national fermented R&D, Associations and other partners in the lines make it possible to collect update information and provide technical solutions for Greatwall Biochem plant production .

To make good use of both chemical technical and manufacturing resources, Beijing SHLHT independently devotes himself into chemical purification activities-providing global customers with high purity aromatic & heterocyclic hydrocarbon substances from coal tar like high-grades of acenaphthene, anthracene, fluoranthene, fluorene, Phenanthrene, pyrene and others similar. It is also in process to cooperate with manufacturing partners for the down stream derivatives’ synthesis from these high purified hydrocarbons which can be widely used in dye & pigment, resin, coating, oled, pharm, pesticides and herbcides industries.

SHLHT GROUP, registered in HongKong is a sales company out of mainland of China to satisfy the customers due to its flexible and simple business operational procedures. It is completely on behalf of Beijing SHLHT in the international business. Mainly specializing in the constitution of marketing strategies, the implementation of business procedures and after-sales services worldwide. It is also the international business agent of Zoucheng Qifa Chemical Co.,Ltd( in the field relevant.

And our Greatwall Biochem is a professional producer of C-4 series organic acids and its salts such as bio-fermented L (+) - tartaric acid & tartrates, L-malic acid and sodium L-malate series products. The comprehensive production capacity is 10,000 tons per year in total. Our products are widely used around the world in food, pharmaceutical, veterinary drugs,wine & beverage, baking and aquatic product processing industries with over 80% of our production exported to Japan, Europe, Australia, the United States and Middle East. We are well respected in international markets and our brand is well recognized by customers. For more details please refer to

Since its inception, our company adhering to the “ advanced science & technology as the forerunner, develop on innovation , survive on quality , to be in good faith" spirit of enterprise, the implementation of "human-oriented, technology leadership, customer first" as our business philosophy.

To lead the direction of the development of the industry, to meet customers’ requirements in all aspects are the motivation of improvement & sustainable development.

we have been used the safe materials; the green, environmental protective production; advanced technologies; innovative & efficient marketing mode to satisfy the whole world with our superior products and good services.