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FutureFuel Chemical Company

Country: USA

2800 Gap Road, PO Box 2357
Batesville, AR 72501
FutureFuel Chemical Company located in Batesville, Arkansas is an ISO, BQ9000 site with approximately 500 employees. We specialize in custom and toll manufacturing for fine and specialty chemicals. We also design, build and operate dedicated customer facilities.

The site consists of 2,200 acres of available land with approximately 400 acres currently developed. It is self-contained with on-site biological waste water treatment and hazardous liquid waste incineration. This plant has several specialized continuous production trains in addition to over eighty general purpose batch reactors. The batch reactors range in size from 1000 to 3000 gallons. Approximately half of these reactors are glass-lined steel with the other half being stainless steel. In addition, we have forty-nine centrifuges or filters (both Alloy C and stainless); and thirteen dryers (auto dryers, tumble dryers; Alloy C, glass lined and stainless).

Our performance chemical products include a family of Sulfonated Aromatic compounds, Plastic Additives, and Specialty Solvents. Derivatives of these compounds can also be made available upon request.

In its thirty year history, FutureFuel Chemical Company has practiced a wide range of different physical operations and complex multi-step organic syntheses. In addition to traditional organic chemistries, this site is also focusing on renewable biofuels. We are currently the largest biodiesel and glycerin producer in the mid-south region.