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Orgentis Chemicals GmbH

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Country: Germany

Orgentis Chemicals GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 3-5
D-06466 Gatersleben
Dr. Hans-Matthias Vorbrodt at Informex 2010 in San Francisco

Company Profile

  • Orgentis Chemicals develops synthesis processes and is a manufacturer of chemical compounds e.g. natural products, pharmaceutical intermediates, chiral building blocks, and products for material science applications since 1991.

  • Derivatives of carbohydrates and amino acids are in the focus of our special interest.

  • We offer fine chemicals for research, development and for the industry. Many contract manufacturing projects are accomplished in these areas by our highly skilled team of chemists and technicians.

  • Our company is well-appointed with high sophisticated equipments for labscale and semi bulk multistep synthesis.

  • We synthesize molecules according to your requirements for your individual convenience. Chemical synthesis requests are welcomed.