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Fchemicals is one of the largest supplier of various hi-tech fluorides in China. Fchemicals is famous for its high quality, excellent sale service and strong R&D Capability. Fchemicals is devoted to continual development of chemical technology, new materials and powerful reagents. Supported by world-class chemists, Fchemicals can provide continuous and professional service and solutions in chemical synthesis, processing and manufacture.

Cooperating with the first-class universities in China, the R&D group of Fchemicals differentiates Fchemicals from its competition in developing valuable fluorine-containing materials and molecules; improving process efficiency, yield and throughput; reducing the number of synthetic steps and costs; optimizing existing processes to commercial production.

Fchemicals's staff is all ready to assist customers in every way possible, especially on the following areas:
Self-Development of right-reserved new materials and compounds;
Custom Synthesis from Milligram to Kilogram Quantities;
Scale-Up and Optimization of Existing Processes;
Process Research and Development;