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Jinan TaiFei Science Technology Co., Ltd

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Country: China

No.122,JiWei Road,Jinan,ShanDong
Jinan TaiFei Science Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in researching, developing and producing fine chemical and medical intermediate compound. This company has powerful technology basis and owns one independent research & development lab. In addition, there are 12 postdoctors and postgraduates working for this company, with very strong researching & developing capacity. In the research & development lab, there are various routine analysis devices such as gas phase chromatograph, liquid phase chromatograph, ultraviolet spectrophotometer, melting point meter and moisture tester etc. We can carry out the research & development of new product according to the customer’s requirement.

In order to meet the market demand, at present our company is working on the research & development of animal food additive (lycine, cyclopropylammoniazin etc.), we improve the process on the basis of the original food additive, mainly produce the high content and low residual lycine for medicine application and reach foreign trade grade. The types and kinds of medical intermediate compounds (thiaphenol series, pyridine series, cyclopentanone derivant etc.) are rich, and in reliable quality, so they are highly praised by all kinds of customers.

In strict attitude "responsible for all customers and also ourselves", this company carries out overall quality control, wins the stable customer group by stable quality, and it enlarges the production scale, lowers the cost and makes our company become the supply base with good quality and low price in the industry. Our management concept is: quality first, credit first, service in first class, and innovate forever.

Our company is close to the highway and is only 300 kilometers far away from Qingdao port and Tianjin port, the traffic is very convenient. Sincerely wish friends at home and abroad to cooperate with us, make mutual benefits and create the great achievement together.