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BoroPharm Inc.

Country: USA

39555 Orchard Hill Place
Suite 600
Novi, MI 48375

Company Profile

BoroPharm is a leading provider of Boron containing products, including boronic acids and boronic esters. We offer a diverse number of aryl and heteroaryl products from Milligrams to Kilograms that include:

  • Amino acid boronate esters and acids
  • Azaindole boronate esters
  • Furan boronate esters
  • Flourinated aryl boronates
  • Hydroxypyridine boronates
  • Imidazole boronates
  • Indole boronates
  • Oxazole boronates
  • Pyrazole boronates
  • Pyrrole boronates
  • Thiophene boronates
  • And others

In addition to unique and useful intermediates, BoroPharm offers custom made BoroKits and Custom Synthesis for Lead Optimization. We are focused on developing lead optimization kits that allow for probing SAR’s in a strategic and cost effective way.

Our expertise in Boron based synthesis and our commitment to our customer are aimed at providing rapid turn-around, scalability, and cost savings.

For examples of the types of products we make, please review our catalogue at

Contact BoroPharm's sales department today to see how we might assist with your discovery and development needs.