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ShenZhen Cerametek Materials Co., Ltd

ContactJohn HUANG, CEO
Country: China

ShenZhen Cerametek Materials Co., Ltd.
A3-#9, YongChun Street, Suite 501,
GuangMing, ShenZhen, GD518106, CHINA
ShenZhen Cerametek Materials Co., Ltd: the metals/alloys, ceramic, inorganic, some organics and reagent: Metals, (complex/doped compounds) metal oxides (Al2O3 or Aluminia to ZrO2 or zirconate), Carbides, Nitrides, Fluorides, Rare earth compounds and semiconductor compounds,... with purity from 97% up to 99.9999%, varied valence, size from ultrafine (0.1, 0.5, 1, 5 um) to grains and pieces as raw materials or reagents (Chloride, Nitrate, Acetate, Carbonate etc.) for the industries and R&D from kgs up to tons.