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SightChem Co. Ltd.

ContactLewis Jiang
Phone86 (0) 13910696714
Country: China

22Th Tengren Road Niulanshan Huafeng
Beijing China 101300
We are a new company in the field of fine chemicals producers and was found in the middle of 2009.We are focused on the organic syntheses.

SightChem is the production and distribution of Novel Reactive Intermediates,Exclusive Building Blocks and Series of Synthons,such as Functional Azaindoles,Biphenyls,Boronoic acids,Furans,Ringsystems,Indoles,Imidazoles,Isoxazoles,Oxazoles,Piperidines,Pyrazines,Quinolines,Isoquinolines,Thiazoles,Thiophenes,etc.

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Also SightChem can help you do the sourcing for chemicals in China, Sightchem have a strong capability of the sourcing,and the price for the chemicals can give you very competitive price and fast shipment way to help you on your raws.