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Inovyn (Diglycerol and Polyglycerols)

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Diglycerol and Polyglycerols
from Inovyn S.A.

Diglycerol, Polyglycerols and their derivatives are ecologically friendly sustainable products suitable for use in many applications.

Inovyn is the world-leader in the production and marketing of vegetable based high purity Polyglycerols (Diglycerol, Polyglycerol-3 and Polyglycerol-4). These products are mainly transformed into esters by our customers, to serve high added value markets (food, personal care, pharmaceuticals, plastics, etc). But, as such, they can also be used for various applications. Examples include:

- Production of polymers such as polyurethanes, polyesters and epoxy diluents
- Emulsifiers, stabilizers, dispersants or humectants in various formulations such as agricultural products, inks, and personal care formulations.
- Antifoaming agents in the paper industry or for wastewater
- Polymer additives such as antifogging and antistatic agents, lubricants or plasticizers

Diglycerol and Polyglycerols are polyols consisting of glycerol molecules bonded by an ether linkage. More viscous than glycerol, they are soluble in aqueous systems.

Diglycerol (INCI diglycerin) is a clear colorless liquid, very similar to glycerol. It has a higher molecular weight than glycerol and is less volatile. It contains a minimum of 90% Diglycerol. The remainder of the product is mainly a combination of glycerol and triglycerol. Diglycerol can be added to cosmetic formulations where it can stabilize fragrance/flavor microemulsions, moisturize, add gloss to hair, enhance formulation of transparent products, and provide gel formation through crosslinking.

Polyglycerol-3 (INCI polyglycerin-3) is a clear yellowish liquid with an average molecular weight of 250. It has a very narrow oligomer distribution and contains a minimum of 85% diglycerol, triglycerol and tetraglycerol, with only a trace of glycerol.

Polyglycerol-4 (INCI polyglycerin-4) is very viscous and has a molecular weight equivalent to tetraglycerol.

Inovyn Polyglycerols have unique properties related to their high purity. Their composition features a high content of linear isomers, low concentration of cyclic oligomers, narrow oligomer distribution with only traces of glycerol, and low batch-to-batch variability.

The raw materials used for the production of Inovyn Polyglycerols are derived exclusively from vegetable origin, and are Kosher and Halal certified. In addition, production is certified to conform with the HACCP requirements by DQS GmbH. The quality management systems of our plants and ancillary corporate activities are registered to the ISO 9001 standard.

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