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Hangzhou Huajin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

ContactTian Tian
Phone+86 571 87011802
FAX+86 571 87075390
WebsiteContacr: Tian Tian
Country: China

Address of the head office:
NO.18, Tangmiao Road, Xihu District,
Hangzhou China
Post code: 310013
Hangzhou Huajin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is a government owned company located in Hangzhou. Also Top 500 enterprise in China mainland.

Specializing in bio-tech and the manufacture of biological agent, raw materials as well as intermediates and custom synthesis and contract research.

Products including Thymomodulin ,TP-5, Thymosin alpha1, Octreotide Acetate, Oxytocin Acetate, Gerebrolysin concentrate, hepatocyte growth-promoting factor solution & powder , Transfer factor solution, Protein etc.

We also provide custom synthesis and contract research for mg to kg quantities of catalog and/or non-catalog products within our own research laboratories and scale-up facilities.