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FLAMMA is a specialty pharmaceutical chemical manufacturer (CMO) based in the Bergamo area (near Milan in Northern Italy) that was established in 1950. Flamma specializes in the cGMP manufacture and custom development of APIs, NCEs, RSMs, active ingredients, generics, and advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical industry.

Flamma was awarded the CMO Leadership Award for 2018 for the third year in a row. There were 110 CMOs evaluated on 23 performance metrics by pharma industry sourcing professionals. Of these 110 CMOs, Flamma was the ONLY small molecule CMO that was rated as a TOP PERFORMER in all core & specialty categories .

FLAMMA was also named the 2017 CDMO of the Year for Roche for our contributions to the Roche Small Molecules Pipeline. The entire Flamma team is honored to be selected as the top CDMO as there are many great CDMOs in our industry.

The FLAMMA advantage
Flamma has significant expertise in the field of high-value chiral building blocks and materials including those derived from amino acid based chemistry. Flamma can offer custom development of compounds from 100 g to kilo scale onward to full scale production at metric ton levels. If you are needing any compound containing an amino acid or amino acid fragment, you should be talking to Flamma directly from the start.

Flamma also manufactures specialty compounds and advanced intermediates for the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries and has a line of generics.

Experience, locations, and capabilities
FLAMMA has three cGMP manufacturing facilities. Both Italian locations (Chignolo & Isso) (capacities of 120 m3 and 130 m3, respectively) are regularly inspected by the FDA and AIFA (the Italian Ministry of Health). Flamma Honkai is located outside of Dalian, China (on the coast of China; ~1 hour flight from Seoul, 1.5 h from Beijing, 2 h from Shanghai) and has 200 m3 of capacity. Each site has their own R&D labs.

Flamma leverages their 100% self-owned, self-managed facilities in China to deliver results. Flamma reliably supplies materials directly customers and/or they deliver materials (when required) to their cGMP facilities in Italy in order to deliver the customer’s compound on-time with the required specifications. Flamma offers cost-effective services to customers looking for a trusted partner within China who will deliver the quality that one expects.

As a fully integrated company, Flamma is well positioned to help move compounds quickly along their path taking into consideration all aspects along the course of the project.

Flamma can be of assistance for early stage pre-clinical development of small molecules (multi-kilo) as well as for large-scale commercial manufacturing (MT). With a total capacity of 450 m3, over 550 employees and the flexibility to use three different manufacturing sites and three different R&D labs, see why Flamma should be your next contract manufacturer.

Are you leery of working in China? Flamma Honkai provides the security of constant Italian management & oversight. It is like having an Italian facility in China. A fully integrated supply chain is possible with Flamma by using Italy & China together.

Special needs and requests?
Looking for something similar to what is listed here? Please contact us directly as we have many items that we have made but do not keep in stock. We aim to service our customers with realistic time lines and fair pricing. We do not over-promise and under-deliver like many others!

Flamma has an office in the USA (Boston/Cambridge) to better serve its customers in the North American marketplace while offices in France (Paris) and Italy serve our European customers. Visit Flamma at CPhI Worldwide, DCAT, ChemOutsourcing, Outsourced Pharma and CPhI North America (formerly Informex).

FLAMMA- Family owned and run since 1950
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