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Tianjin Boron PharmaTech Co., Ltd.

ContactAndrea zhang or Jing Hu
Phone607-351-9994 (USA)
Country: China

B9-401, Tianda Science Park,
No. 80, 4th Avenue, TEDA,
Tianjin , P.R.China

Boron Pharma Tech Co.,Ltd.USA
Ithaca, NY
Tianjin Boron PharmaTech Co., Ltd. is a technology-oriented hi-tech enterprise, engaged in exploring and manufacturing organic chemicals and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry and offer custom synthesis according to clients' request.

BPT has established a broad customer base in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry in North America and European countries, and built close relationships with Chinese and Indian chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers as well.

We provide rare and valued pharmaceutical intermediates and multistep custom synthesis of complex organic molecules. Our core products are boronic acids,pyridines and heterocycle building blocks.

We have a good team of skilled chemists and experts of organic chemistry for R&D. Our production capabilities are available from several grams to tons scale.

Main Business:
1. Custom Synthesis & Manufacturing
2. Process Research & Development
3. Fine Chemicals such as boronic acids, pyridines, and heterocycle building blocks.