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Hangzhou Best Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Country: China

Hangzhou Best Chemical Co., Ltd.
Room1418, Lianjin Mansion,
NO.175 Zhaohui Road,
Xiacheng District,
Hangzhou City, China
Hangzhou Best Chemicals Co., Ltd., is an expert company located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, mainly dealing in the industry of API and Intermediates nationally and internationally. It provides high-quality and stable products, including oncology, cardiovascular, anti-infection, endocrine regulation. After several years’ development, the company has formed an excellent sales team, consisting of young, self-motivated, disciplined professional individuals. At the same time, it has stable and fruitful collaboration with its tremendous foreign partners, and based on these experiences, the company has established an efficient trading platform for its national and international customers. Thereof, what we guarantee is the best quality of our products and comprehensive service.

Hangzhou Best Chemicals Co., Ltd. is the only choice for the most reliable and suitable cooperation you are look for. You are most welcome to contact and cooperate with us!