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Shanghai Race Chemical Co., Ltd
Hi-Tech Park,Jinshan District,
Shanghai, China
Shanghai Race Chemical Co., Ltd (Race), founded in 2008, located in Hi-Tech Park of Jinshan District, Shanghai, is a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to high-tech research and development. Race focuses on the production, sales and technical services of high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs (Our APIs Branch founded in 2010, focusing on synthesis and research of APIs, more information on, production scale from laboratory to industrialization.

Race is integrated with multi-faceted talents in the fields of biology, chemistry and medicine, enjoying first-class R & D talent and research capabilities. The R & D team is composed of top students from key universities majoring in Chemical Engineering and more Masters and Doctors from Chinese Academy of Sciences and U.S.A. The representative products developed by Race include the First Generation and Second Generation Grubbs Catalyst, Pd catalyst and varieties of indole compounds, professional in production of various boric acid, heterocyclic compounds, chiral reagents and other products.

In addition to our catalog products, we also provide customers with custom synthesis and production services. Synthesis technology would be developed by our company or with clients, or by customers. Whatever the approach, we will strictly keep technical and customer information confidential. After recognition of your product name and CAS registry number, we will reply within the shortest time.

Race possesses first-class equipments including various analytical instruments, we also provide customers with all kinds of analysis services, such as NMR, MS, HPLC, HPLC-MS, GC, GC-MS and the like. Race relies on experienced scientists and dedication to product innovation to provide clients with a variety of synthesis and production services by taking excellent products and services, more competitive price as our purpose. Race is looking forward to cooperating with you!

  • Products

  • Catalyst, indole compounds, boric acid, heterocyclic compounds, chiral chemicals etc.

  • Services

  • Custom synthesis, Production services, Analysis services