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Suntton manufactures basic, specialty and fine chemicals designed for an array of industries. While producing mostly a series of standard products, Suntton's plants are also used for custom, contract or toll manufacturing, especially when large-volume high-pressure hydrogenation and phosgenation capabilities are requested. Suntton has a proud track record in multi-step reactions and a highly praised expertise in process development, scale up and optimization. It is also much-admired for solving chemical engineering problems. Flexibility and professionalism of its chemists and technicians allow for coordinated and timely response to most innovative inquiries and requests.

Chemicals are produced at the kilogram or thousand-ton scale in a variety of equipment, including multi-purpose and dedicated plants, set up in different Suntton sites. Using and constantly updating in-house expertise in various chemical families and satisfying customer needs with continuous quality and yield improvements are Suntton's mottos. Markets served encompass the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, coating, electronics and water treatment sectors. Chemical families include hydrazine derivatives (carbazates and azodicarboxylates), phosgene derivatives (chloroformates and isocyanates), trifluorobenzene derivatives, specialty alcohols, glycol ethers and a variety of heterocyles. Other complex intermediates and specialty chemicals, complementary to these families, are also produced in Suntton's plants.

Suntton's products are sold all over the world, in particular in Europe and USA through its US office. The chemical catalogue includes Pharmaceutical intermediates like Benzotrifluoride derivatives, 2,2- Dimethoxypropane, Benzylcarbazate, N-Methyl Morpholine-N-Oxide-Monohydrate, 2,3:4,6-Di-o-Isopropylidene-2-Keto-l-Gulonic-acid-Monohydrate (for chiral separations) and azodicarboxylates. It also contains Agrochemical actives/intermediates such as Metaldehyde, Chloroformates, Isocyanates and TCAN. Typical offerings for Coatings, adhesives and ink auxiliaries comprise glycol ethers, glycol ethers derivatives and specialty isocyanates.