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Biazzi S.A.

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Country: Switzerland

Biazzi S.A.
Chemin de La Tavallaz 25
Chailly sur Montreux
Switzerland 1816
Biazzi S.A. is the leading global provider of engineering, technologies, services and hardware systems for the manufacture of explosives, for the nitration of aromatics and for catalytic gas-liquid reactions. Scale-up and process and optimisation for gas-liquid reactions are performed in its in-house test centre, and build the basis for the design of the industrial plant, with associated process guarantees. Industrial plants are provided with a size of up to 50m3 reactor volume. Pressure and temperature limits are 200bar and 300°C. Biazzi's scope of supply ranges from the delivery of the basic engineering and the key-equipment up to the delivery of complete modular plants (SKID's) for all areas of the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic industry but also for parts of the food industry