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Spectrum Info ltd.

ContactSergey Popov, Ph.D.
Phone+380 44 573 23 97
FAX+380 44 296 34 62
Country: Ukraine

5 Murmanska Str., 02094,
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sergey Popov, Ph.D.
+38044 5732397
+38044 2963462

Natalia Parkhomets
Customer Service Manager
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+38044 5732397

Andrey Gerasyov
Senior Scientist
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+38044 2963462
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Company Profile

Spectrum Info ltd. provides expertise in advanced chemical services and custom organic synthesis in lab-and kilo-scale. Our customers are small and global companies operating in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, photographic industry, biotechnology, drug discovery etc. Our R&D team is working constantly on designing and synthesizing new original compounds to meet the demand of research laboratories in industry as well as universities and research institutions.

Our Services:

  • Synthesis of fine organic chemicals
  • Custom synthesis based on published procedures
  • Synthetic procedure development and optimization
  • Research and development of new synthetic pathways
  • Collaborative or contract research projects

Our Expertise:

  • Heterocyclic and element-organic chemistry
  • Suzuki cross-coupling reactions
  • Aromatic and alifatic sulfonyl chlorides
  • Biphenyls and diphenyl ethers
  • Reagents for Nucleotide Synthesis
  • Nucleoside derivatives and analogues
  • Fluorescent dyes

Location and Facilities:

Spectrum Info ltd. is located on the territory of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, the leading research center in Ukraine established in 1939. Such academic environment contributes to our success in working on synthetic projects. Our team of 12 highly experienced chemists (4 PhDs) is able to perform the multi-step syntheses of complex organic molecules. R&D and manufacturing area is about 300 m2 (2700 sq. ft). We have 10 chemical hoods (walk-in and bench-top) and modern analytical equipment (2 HPLCs, LC/MS and 400 MHz NMR).