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Bio-Botanica®, Inc.

ContactMark Sysler – VP of Sales
Danielle Lamm – Customer Service x128
Adriana Smith – Customer Care x186
Country: USA

75 Commerce Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788-3943

Company Profile

Bio-Botanica is a leading manufacturer of 500+ quality botanical extracts for the nutraceutical, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries. For over 42 years, Bio-Botanica has successfully operated a 140,000 SF, FDA registered, pharmaceutically licensed, GMP compliant and kosher inspected/certified facility with a state of the art QC/QA lab. Bio-Botanica's "Bio-Chelated" cold extraction process enables us to bring custom and unique products to the market that are free of harsh chemicals, toxic solvents and excessive heat, yielding a truly bio-available botanical extract ideal for many applications.