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LabSeeker, Inc.
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Labseeker is an e-commerce website that is committed to research and development, production and sales of ultra-fine chemicals. We offer agile manufacturing, global marketing and logistics in one stop. Our customers cover North America, Europe, Hong Kong and many other countries and regions and we support massive technology and product resources services to them.

Labseeker product line consists of a comprehensive range which covers high-purity organic reagents, biochemical reagents, analytical reagents, standard reference substance, metal organic catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, ultra-fine materials. Today we offer over 45,000 kinds products and 5000 kinds in stock and supply small quantities and variety of raw materials at very high speed to meet the customer needs. In addition, with custom manufacturing capabilities to supply many more specialized items, we are accustomed to supplying R&D laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry and the electronics industry, as well as academic institutions and many others.

Labseeker is a trusted, service-oriented company. Product quality is of paramount importance, but production expertise is just the beginning. Factors such as Site search, online, website tracking one-stop shopping service, and product availability, packaging and delivery are just as crucial to meeting and exceeding your expectations. For more information about the labseeker please check and do not hesitate to contact us.